issues that will be addressed as your congressman  
  • The Second Amendment (Why is it always under attack from the left?)

    What the Second Amendment sates…

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    What I believe…
    This states it plain and simple.
    Shall NOT be infringed.
    I have a CCW (Wisconsin) and at times… Yes I carry.



  • Obamacare - ACA - 'Affordable Care Act'

    As the ACA (Affordable Care Act) AKA – “ObamaCare” becomes more and more apparent that it will turn into one of the great failures of the Obama Presidency – Not to mention a huge black eye for all Democrat Law Makers.

    They brought the “Obamacare” bill to the Supreme Court stating that it was not a tax. If it was not a tax then this affordable care act was found to be unconstitutional. But then with the infinite wisdom of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, he decided on his own that it was a tax and therefore legal in the United States of America.

    Now with that being said, if it IS a TAX, (yes it is) would that not make “Obamacare” illegal, because the law originated in the Senate and not the House. Everyone is aware that as a tax laden law, and by law, is to be originated in the house. So why is this tax still here? (Unconstitutional and Illegal)

    Click for Resource – Read the ACA and count the pages

  • The Debt the Deficit and Spending

    This would almost be funny if it was not so tragic; the government has the problem of not being
    able to “see the forest for the trees” so to speak.

    The government does not have a revenue problem as they would like most Americans to think.
    What the government has is a spending problem.

    What this bloated tyrannical government wastes on pork barrel spending is a crime. The government needs to learn to curb its spending and stay within a budget. The US Government is threatening the future of America. You have my word, I will vote to cut out all wasteful spending (That I can find) and we will push forward to have a balanced budget amendment.

    I realize that by stating I will fight for a balanced budget amendment may sound a little crazy, as more and more congressmen have said the same – yet none have materialized. I will stay on that point and I will do everything in my power to make that happen.

    I would also like to say this, as it is important for you to understand. I will never vote to raise taxes on working families, working farms, or small businesses.
    What the American Farmer and the American Small Business Owner and the American Entrepreneur need is less government.
    (And yes – YOU BET this includes the EPA)

    To paraphrase Ronald Reagan – One cannot look to the government for answers when the government is the problem, a bloated government is a deadly government.

    Right now we are in the midst of a huge money distribution scam, there is no wealth creation. Right now the statists have taken over and believe that the only thing there is to do – is to redistribute wealth. These statists have never had jobs. They have never created jobs. Most of them have never even signed the front of a check. They have never stayed up all night creatively thinking how to make payroll or pay the subcontractor before the next draw.

    It is time to get our country back to “We the People”.

  • IRS Abuse

    The greatest threat to our constitution and country, aside from a dictatorial president, is the IRS not being a totally independent agency. Its sole purpose is to check the income of people and then ascertain and collect what they owe in taxes. If the IRS, as it appears to be doing, becomes a tool of the current and /or future presidents, it ceases to be impartial or able to be a viable means of collecting “fair” taxes. As was done prior the 2012 elections, the IRS just becomes as arm of whoever is in control of the government. It can, by its very nature (the fear factor), have a large part in controlling the outcome of an election.

    The fear factor comes from over burdensome audits of businesses and people as well as the fear of retribution if one’s name is disclosed as favoring a particular cause and all the harassment that can generate…
    If there comes a day when the IRS can be abolished. I will be there with an “Aye”.

    Click for Resource

  • Executive Orders bypass Congress - Leading to the Imperial Presidency

    To give you an example of what has already happened: The ACA (Obamacare) law states that the individual sign up deadline is this March. Obama has changed the law to a full year and is thinking about extending the non-compliance until after the next presidential election.

    Also he extended for a year the employer compliance, and is also thinking about extending the beyond the next election. The last thing he wants is for millions of people to lose their health insurance just before the 2014 congressional elections. This is what is rapidly becoming the Imperial Presidency, where we are governed by presidential order, not the laws of the land.

    Topics of Law to think about...

    Will this happen with Immigration?
    Obama may state that the borders “will be closed” with the “New Immigration Bill”
    – And then as soon as the new bill passes into law, the parts of the law that the Imperial President does not like will simply NOT be enforced.
    “Fool me once shame on you…..”


    This should scare the Hell out of every American (below)

  • Tax Reform side by side with Crony Capitalism

    The Tax Code is over 60,000 pages for a reason.
    It is so it makes it easier for the government to screw with you. It is all about CONTROL.
    – Sorry for the language. But that is the only reason.

    Taxes need to fit on a post card.
    Period. End of story!


    Just for fun.
    Do you recall Congressman Charles B. Rangel?
    He is the Congressman for Harlem New York.
    – If you have not heard, please read.

    This guy WAS actually the head of the Ways and Means Committee.
    The Ways and Means Committee is the chief tax-writing committee of the United States House of Representatives. Members of the Ways and Means Committee are not allowed to serve on any other House Committees unless they apply for a waiver from their party’s congressional leadership.

    – This guy got busted for cheating on HIS taxes and then said he was “sorry” and they let him go after
    an ethics trial found him guilty with “censure”.
    This is what happened. (Paraphrased for time….)
    – Court – “SHAME ON YOU!” –
    – Rangel – “I’M SORRY.” –
    – Court – “OK DO NOT DO IT AGAIN.”

    And that was it.
    You or I would have been in PRISON.
    This Cronyism stops now!
    Crony Capitalism



    Hat Tip Kronies

  • Term Limits

    I propose limiting service (Term Limits) in both the House and Senate to 12 years. Yes, we’ve heard all the arguments about elections being the best limit, but the past 100 year has proven that to be false. As someone who works day and night to throw the bums out, I can tell you that it is nearly impossible to throw them out with the amount of money they raise – precisely because of their abuses of power. Mark Levin also proves that limiting time in office was a highly regarded proposal during the Constitutional Convention.

    This is right from the ground breaking book by Mark Levin – “The Liberty Amendments”
    I happen to agree very much with what is written in that book.
    This book has also been a great motivator for me to run and to put an end to this soon to be tyrannical government.

  • Jobs and the Economy

    What Jobs?
    What Economy?
    We have recently reached the five year mark on the Omnibus Stimulus Bill.
    How are things for you?

    I have been self employed for half of my adult working life.
    I understand and have lived the feast and the famine of the self employed business and job creators.
    Therefore seeing first hand how the government can and will intervene at almost every possible moment that it can.

    What needs to be done is a reduction in the red-tape.
    Stop nickel-and-diming the businesses at every opportunity for the government to squeeze out another dollar from a job creator.

    The EPA needs to be taken to the woodshed and be completely re-vamped.
    To have the amount of power they have without repercussion is truly UN-American and needs to be stopped.

    1 – EXAMPLE – The Government is starving the farmers in CA right now.
    So according to the “Powers that Be”. It is better to feed a fish then 1000’s of farmers and 100,000’s of American families.

    This will in turn have repercussions.
    1 – Farmers will not be able to pay their mortgages and taxes – Ensuring that the government can come and take more land.
    2 – People loose jobs all the way down the employment chain.
    3 – Ensure the importation of foreign foods.

    Let that sink in for a moment… Tell me again how the “Government is Here to Help”.
    This can and will happen in other parts of the country INCLUDING our area of Wisconsin.
    This government that we have right now is NOT for AMERICANS – In any state nor county.

    It is time to kill these behemoth government entities now!


    News that the poverty rate has risen to 15.1 percent of Americans, the highest level in nearly a decade, has set off a predictable round of calls for increased government spending on social welfare programs.

    Yet this year the federal government will spend more than $668 billion on at least 126 different programs to fight poverty.
    And that does not even begin to count welfare spending by state and local governments, which adds $284 billion to that figure.

    In total, the United States spends nearly $1 trillion every year to fight poverty.
    That amounts to $20,610 for every poor person in America, or $61,830 per poor family of three.
    (Over 300% above the government Poverty Level) – Let that sink in for a minute….

    Welfare spending increased significantly under President George W. Bush and has exploded under Barack Obama.

    In fact, since President Obama took office, federal welfare spending has increased by 41 percent, more than $193 billion per year.
    Despite this government largess, more than 46 million Americans continue to live in poverty.

    Despite nearly $15 trillion in total welfare spending since Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty in 1964, the poverty rate is perilously close to where we began more than 40 years ago.

    Clearly we are doing something wrong.

    Throwing money at the problem has neither reduced poverty nor made the poor self-sufficient.

    It is time to reevaluate our approach to fighting poverty.
    We need to focus less on making poverty more comfortable and
    more on creating the prosperity that will get people out of poverty.

    Source -Cato Institute

  • National Defense - Our Veterans

    The Best Defense is a Strong Defense .
    America faces many threats for national security some of these are foreign and some of these are domestic.

    The TSA is not defense – It is harassment

    How about a reminder to the folks up in Washington DC right now.
    Does this look familiar to you?

    I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

    Our fighting servicemen and women have been put on the back burner for far too long.

    The time has come where these brave individuals must be treated with the respect they have earned. This goes all the way from having the equipment and training that they need to get their job done properly and safely all the way to their treatment at the VA hospitals when they come home.

    You have my word the veterans and the active service people will be on my front burner at all times, this is one part of the government that has been ignored far too long and it stops now.

  • LEGAL Immigration and Border Security

    Amnesty is not legal, there are laws on the books that must be adhered to. Now more than ever the law makers are turning into the law breakers. Never in the course of American history has there been so many people on the hill only enforcing the laws they WANT to enforce.

    Amnesty is unfair to all the good people have been waiting in line to legally become American citizens. There is no reason one should waive the magic wand and let everyone into the country.
    There are several reasons behind this here are just a few.
    1Democrats want voters
    2Republicans want cheap labor
    3Illegal Aliens beware – You are being screwed by paying (if you are) under a Social Security Number that has been retired.
    – Do you really think the Government is that stupid? – You are being SCREWED as well.

    All are WRONG for America.
    Secure the borders now.

  • Tort Reform

    While this is more of a states issue under the 10th Amendment.

    My view?
    Looser Pays.
    Enough with the frivolous lawsuits.

  • Common Core

    1. Common Core is a Federal Takeover of Education
    The ultimate goal of Common Core is to have every school district follow the same national standards. This is a failed educational approach that will undermine educational quality and choice. States and local communities better know how to design standards based on their students and parents’ needs than Washington bureaucrats.

    2. Common Core is Bad for Parents
    Parents will not have a say in their child’s education under Common Core. They will not be able to suggest changes to their local school’s standards or enroll their child in another public school with better standards. Common Core would limit parental choice and shut their voices out of their child’s education.

    3. Common Core is Bad for Teachers
    Teachers would have little control over their classrooms under Common Core. They will be forced to comply with standards decided upon by federal bureaucrat. This leaves little to no room for teachers to innovate to meet the unique needs of their students.

    4. Common Core is Bad for Taxpayers
    Common Core has a hefty price tag that will be paid by taxpayers in states. Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction estimates that Common Core will cost the state $300 million. California Department of Education estimates it will cost $759 million to implement the nationalized standards. Common Core will cost taxpayers a lot of money while not improving education quality.

    5. Common Core is Bad for Students
    Common Core is a one-size-fits-all education policy that assumes every students learns exactly the same. A top down and centrally controlled standards will hurt students’ creativity and learning. Good education policy realizes that all students have different learning styles, preferences, and paces.

    6. Common Core Violates Privacy
    The Race to the Top Grants associated with Common Core violates privacy by “data mining” information about students that will follow them the rest of their lives. The information collected is more than just test scores and academic progress. Common Core will track information on religious practices, political beliefs, “sex behaviors and attitudes”, and more.

    7. Common Core Resembles Failed No Child Left Behind Program
    A main criticism of the failed No Child Left Behind program is that teachers “teach the test.” This means that students are memorizing rather than learning and critical thinking about information. Common Core would resemble No Child Left Behind by requiring students to take national standardized tests to measure their progress.

    8. Common Core is Unconstitutional
    The federal government should not control education. Since education is not specifically listed in the Constitution, the authority over education should be left up to the states and the people. This allows localities from New York City to rural Alabama to design unique curriculum’s that are best for their students.

    9. Common Core Will Require Some States to Move Backwards
    Some states have advanced standards that are designed with students and parents in mind. Sandra Stotsky, a professor at the University of Arkansas, who served on the committee to validate Common Core standards said, “The standards dumb American education down by about two grades worth.” Some states would have to move their standards backwards to comply with Common Core standards.

    10. Common Core Is a Failed Education Approach
    Washington has tried one-size-fits-all education approaches time and time again. Centralized education programs have not worked and will never work. The quality of education has only declined over the past few decades. The solution is to get the federal government out of the education business.
    Get your Copy here.

    Watch David Barton peel the layers on Common Core

    – the Glenn Beck Network – The Blaze

    As Found on Youtube

    Who's kids? - Yours?.... Hardly.... See video below.

    SAD and TRUE

    There is a book that is being used for 4th graders.
    “It’s Perfectly Normal”
    Subjects include but not limited to:
    * Masturbation
    * Premarital Sex
    * Birth Control
    * Abortion

    Maybe you would like to see what your kids/Grand Kids will be reading.
    Click for Link – It’s Perfectly Normal

    Do you think I am kidding about this?
    The government is after your kids.
    Guess what?
    Your Kids are NOT Yours.

    As Found on Youtube

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  • Questions asked (BELOW) by the Associated Press September – 2014

  • Favorability for Congress 13%

    The latest favorability rating for members of Congress is 13 percent. What would you do to improve the functioning of the body?

    People have had enough of Congress not doing its job. That is for sure as the rating is almost the lowest it has ever been. One multi-partisan action Congress can act on is improving its accountability, spending less time to campaign and more time resolving issues. Doing your job should be more important than campaigning to keep it.

    As we are most aware there are two parts of Congress; the Senate and the House of Representatives. At the time of writing this reply, there are 352 bills sitting on the desk of now Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid. These bills need to be dealt with; pumping them into a drawer does nothing to help the American people.

  • Describe one area in which you differ from your party leadership.

    Describe one area in which you differ from your party leadership.
    In one area that I will differ greatly, especially as a Libertarian, I will not be subject to party lines nor will I be pressured to follow the party line votes. This makes it great for WI-06, understanding that I will listen to my constituents.

    I have something that I can and will bring to the table; this may even scare some politicians. I have a secure website in mind as I am in IT. To have a site (not owned by the government) where ALL have access but only the residents of WI-06 would actually be able to vote on upcoming bills. Simple really – Putting the people in control of the government and not the other way around, giving transparency a new meaning. (Much more on this later)

  • What role should the federal government take in creating jobs and stimulating the economy?

    What role should the federal government take in creating jobs and stimulating the economy?
    The federal government itself should not be involved in creating jobs or stimulating the economy. The government is not an employer for the nation. What it should do is insure fair and appropriate standards to allow free enterprise to regulate itself (holding people responsible – not shell corporations).

    While regulation is necessary to insure standards of safety and environmental concerns, the federal government should not be micromanaging. The federal government is to provide the broad strokes for necessary concerns, and leave the remainder for the individual state to regulate. Then remaining issues will be settled by the general public, industry, and free markets. Nutshell – The government’s role is to stay out of the way and let the free markets create and provide the jobs. Government is the problem, not the solution.

  • What do you see as the single biggest area of waste in the federal budget?

    What do you see as the single biggest area of waste in the federal budget?
    Interest on the national debt, no doubt about it, the single largest waste of money in the federal budget. There is no reason not to have a balanced budget. Every household in America including Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, have a budget that needs to be adhered to. All agencies – welfare, defense, IRS, immigration, EPA, etc., plays into the national debt, and by requiring the balancing of the budget and elimination of the national debt, each of these agencies is going to have to become more efficient, stop their over spending and abolish duplicate agencies. Nothing hinges on the sovereignty and safety of America as much as the looming debt.

  • Everyone says they pay too much in taxes. What changes would you make to the federal tax code...

    Everyone says they pay too much in taxes. Aside from lowering taxes, what changes would you make to the federal tax code to improve its efficiency and fairness?
    I would eliminate it and move to a fair tax. I live by the saying: “less moving parts, less chance of breakage”. The tax code is so monstrous, and riddled with opportunity for abuse and fraud and also has the general perception that it favors everyone else but you.

    Services must be paid for; elimination of all taxes is unreal. There are concerns that a fair tax will inhibit spending, the reality is that everyone will have no taxes taken out of their paychecks, and thus more money for purchasing and investing.

    The fair tax would provide everyone with the same treatment. While in the process of moving into a fair tax – I propose a tax form the size of a postcard. Adjustments can still be provided to low income families.

  • Under what circumstances would you support military intervention in another country?

    Under what circumstances would you support military intervention in another country?
    While America is the greatest country in the world, we should not appoint ourselves the world police. And at the same time in today’s day and age we cannot be isolationists.

    Prior to any military intervention, I would first require an official request for our intervention, with specific provisions as for what was needed (monies, troops, equipment, training, etc.) and for the duration.

    Second, I would want to see some sort of recognition/approval from other countries prior to intervention.

    While we may not like other types of governments or their policies, we should respect them as we would expect them to respect ours. What we should not allow nor tolerate is disrespect of human life. Oppression, slavery, abuse, etc., should be reasons for allowable intervention, not political or economic gain. Protecting the sovereignty of America is paramount.

  • There’s general agreement that the U.S. needs some sort of immigration reform. What changes would you make to fix the system?

    There’s general agreement that the U.S. needs some sort of immigration reform. What changes would you make to fix the system?
    I do not necessarily believe changes need to be made to the system, rather, I believe enforcement and adherence to the current laws is appropriate and necessary. I am all for legal immigration if the proper requirements have been met, just as I believe illegal immigration should not be tolerated.

    There are people who would do America harm, and we need to protect citizens for reasons of public safety, public health, jobs, education and for national security reasons.

    I do not believe any other country in the world has such an apathetic approach to immigration as we currently have. I believe our leaders are afraid to make the tough choices, which again goes to their desire for re-election rather than for the benefit of the country.

  • What changes would you make to Social Security to ensure the program’s longevity?

    What changes would you make to Social Security to ensure the program’s longevity?
    Unfortunately the way Social Security is currently set, it works as a Ponzi scheme.

    I believe that everyone should be able to choose between the Social Security System we now have or use half their withholdings to invest in approved funds (much like the congress does now). However, over time allow people to opt-out of the system completely.

    For now, everyone would pay social security taxes on all the income they receive, no limit on the amount of income. This would lower the amount of Social Security tax for most, and there would no longer be a “hidden tax” for the lesser income worker. There would be a cap on the amount one would receive in monthly Social Security payments. This would eliminate the means testing and get Congress moving.

  • Barring repeal, what single change would you make to the health care overhaul law to improve care for Americans?

    Barring repeal, what single change would you make to the health care overhaul law to improve care for Americans?
    I would allow for greater inclusion and participation of medical providers in the system.
    Open up the citizens’ freedom of choice for doctors as well the insurers. The free market needs to come into play and level the field. This means out of state choices, no more stopping the insurance or the procedure at the state line.

    I would also encourage a uniform system of billing, payments, and allowances. Example, the price of a surgery would be posted as simply as a burger on a menu.

    If a doctor wants to charge $1,000 for a procedure and another will do the same for half, yet another will do it for double. These choices need to be up to the patient to decide which one is best for their family

  • The states have a patchwork of laws when it comes to marijuana. Should Congress create uniformity by legalizing medical or recreational marijuana?

    The states have a patchwork of laws when it comes to marijuana. Should Congress create uniformity by legalizing medical or recreational marijuana?
    Yes – Congress needs to address the use of hemp and marijuana. I believe that the federal law against these substances needs to be abolished. I understand the states are in a much better position to make their own specific laws, regulations and allowances for marijuana. This is a state issue and not a federal issue. It is not fair for a citizen to be arrested with a felony after the state they live in says they are within the confines of the law.

    In general the 10th Amendment needs to be adhered to more closely. We are in the United States of America. Not the Unified State of America.

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