An Open Letter to the Americans of District #6 Wisconsin.

Gus for Congress

A secret about me?
I have a healthy whiteboard addiction.


My name is Gus Fahrendorf and I thought it is time to tell you a little bit about myself and why I am running for Congress in District #6 Wisconsin.

There a few things that every American should find troubling in the news nowadays. There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by where politics is not completely smeared on the front page of every newspaper and on the splash screen and crawler of every news broadcast.

There are subjects that are bothering me to no end. If I was not a father these things would probably not bother me as much and I may just go along with the status quo for a while. After all, we are not going to be around forever. (Even though some have been in government so long you think they actually witnessed the original John Hancock.)

However, being a father, there are things I can do, as well as things that I will do to help make a better life for my children and my children’s children and my children’s, children’s, children.

So lets’ just cut right to the chase and highlight a couple things that I think have to be dealt with before it is too late. I for one believe we have not yet reached the tipping point.

I have a huge problem with the way the government is spending money, and not only on the ridiculous pork barrel projects that they have – How fast can shrimp run under water.

Another wasteful project is how fast does a snake react to a robotic squirrel? I am sorry to say is not a joke. Click here for Robosquirrel. How much for a Robosquirrel you ask?  Well sorry to say this cost YOU $325,000.00.  I bet they had fun though….

Nonetheless – this is all insane…. The amount of money the government hands out willy-nilly to mad scientists or even “just” sending it to countries with leaders a populace that despise us in the United States of America. I have a solution and it is simple.
– Let them conduct experiments their own.
– Let them hate us for free!

One way or another the spending will stop. It will stop because the rules have changed when adults are back in charge, or the spending will stop because America has lost its sovereignty. This is due to not being able to repay the debt and all the lenders have come to take what is rightfully theirs. The government has mortgaged everything you and your family have ever worked for.

Another item that has to stop is the open borders. The open borders need to be sealed and the illegals coming in need to stop. YES they are taking our jobs. YES they are taking our healthcare. YES they are taking your Social Security money AND YES they are taking your children’s education. There are no two ways about this. That is what is going on.

We the People as Americans are losing our culture. We are supposed to be “America the Great Melting Pot”. However – we are not. We have turned into America the great chef salad!

We (used to have) had the Italians over there, the Germans over there, and the Japanese over there. The early immigrants are now mostly assimilated. Now we’ve got the Hispanics over here, and the Muslims over there. These people that would like to be Americans but they’re not, many from these cultures are not assimilating into the American culture, learning English and our values. That is what makes us the melting pot.

Assimilation – People come from all over the world to sneak into our country in the dead of night. They risk life and limb (literally) to come here for the great American lifestyle. What does the government do about these illegals? NOTHING – only stopping all border guards from doing their job – even if it costs them their lives.

As John Wayne said. “If you are a hyphenated American you are not a true American”. John Wayne knew what was going on way before most Americans did. If you call yourself an Italian-American, wise up. If you call yourself a German-American, wise up. If you call yourself a Japanese-American wise up. If you call yourself an African-American wise up.

You or your parents came here for a reason – NOT to bring what you were leaving behind. If that was the case you would not have come here. Keeping alive your culture is fine, but everyone must learn to speak English and join our America. I could go on and on and on – and you would soon understand that I speak the truth.


Shall I go on? – I have more……
The corruption in government has to stop, and stop now! There are people in office that could win the world’s biggest hypocrite contest. Just for fun let us use John McCain as an example. (NOTE – Thank you for your past service John. But the time has come for you to go home and stay there. We got it now, just watch…. This is gonna be done right)

The McCain types drive me insane! They campaign one way – while on the campaign trail they behave as if very conservative. Then as soon as they are done spending your money on their re-election campaign commercials and what not – and win their respective states and/or districts. I mean as soon as they get back into office they fly over to the left and crank open the borders, and they will put any American in jail if they stand up for their own American rights…
This too will stop. (Term Limits)

– Also…
We are once again under the big threat of the second amendment. To tell you the truth I don’t know if they like rattling their sabers or actually think they have a chance at rendering the second amendment dead. It will not happen. We are keeping the second amendment safe for you and your loved ones. Would you like to see just one of the many reasons? Click Here => Gun Control Works

As your next congressman from Wisconsin District #6, you have my word that there are a few things I am going to take to heart – and they will be on the front burner at all times.
These are Obamacare, Term Limits and Voter ID. And last and most important is the proper care for our veterans, they put their lives on the line, they put their futures on the line and they put their family members on the line and the government treats them like yesterday’s trash….
This stops now.

Once you understand me – You will come to realize just how tenacious I am.
These things I say will get done.  However – I cannot do them on my own.
We will need to elect New Conservatives everywhere.

May God Bless you…  and may God Bless these United States America

Gus Fahrendorf

Please remember to Vote Gus Fahrendorf for Congress
November 4, 2014.